What a time to be alive!

It’s often said that your years as a student are among the best you’ll ever have. But we know it’s only the beginning. We want the years you have in Guildford to be years that set you up to thrive in your relationship with God for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re studying at the University of Law, the School of Acting, the Academy of Contemporary Music or the University of Surrey, it is our mission to make sure you are fed, watered, home and grown. So, as well as the simple things in life like meeting for coffees, eating together, playing 5-a-side, prayer walking, binging on boxsets, dancing the night away in Popworld and talking about life until the early hours, we do have some set things on different days of the week that you might want to come along to…



Evening Gathering: 6.30pm at Founders Studio
On Sundays we have two Emmaus gatherings with the rest of the church. As a group of students we tend to head to the evening service that happens at the Founders Studio (next to KOMO). We have a bit more time for worship with a bit more of intimate vibe. You would be seriously welcome.

Morning Gathering:  10:00am at Yvonne Arnaud
If you are more of a early bird, we also have our morning gathering. It's a brilliant opportunity to gather with the rest of the church. We just can't promise the beer afterwards. Croissants, on the other hand, are provided!

On a Sunday morning too, for those that want to, a few of us try and gather to look at the Bible a bit more in-depth. Reading the Bible can often be as difficult as it is essential, but growing in our desire and ability to read it is so much easier if we do it as a group. So, if that’s something you’re up for, come and get involved.

The rest of the time

Huddles are groups of three or four, lead by another member of the church, where we make an intentional effort to try and build relationships with each other that enable us to be honest in a way that we can’t in many other places. From that place we look to pray together and to encourage, support and sharpen each other.

Whether it's driving into the countryside to sleep under the stars, going to gigs together, our weekend away together, or heading to the
 24-7 Prayer Gathering, we love a little impromptu adventure.

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